Because the perfect skiing day ends with you coming home


Nothing beats a day out in the snow, exploring the backcountry, coming home to nature.

Skinning up that mountain, finding that perfect line, leaving the perfect trace: that feeling of adventure and freedom is what drives us to the outdoors.

And if we want to keep exploring, we need to make sure we keep coming home.


Introducing sknow


sknow is empowering you to take better decisions in the backcountry by helping you evaluate the avalanche risk.

sknow is both a device and a platform:

Our ski-integrated radar analyses the snow under your feet and gives you an indication of the level of risk. It also collects the data and uploads it onto our platform. This enables you and the whole backcountry skier community to better understand the snow and better plan your next trip.


sknow - the device

sknow detects and processes snow data in real time to warn you when you move into avalanche-prone terrain.

sknow is a device that attaches to your ski and…


sknow - the platform

sknow is also a platform that gathers all the data acquired by the device during each of your ski trip. With our technology, every skier becomes a datapoint on the mountain! By sharing that data with the platform, you allow our software to …


Our team

Like you, we’re passionate about skiing and exploring the backcountry. We also have the skills to provide you with a reliable device.


Stay up to date

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