because the perfect skiing day ends with you coming home.

Nothing beats a day out in the snow, exploring the backcountry, coming home to nature.

Skinning up that mountain, finding that perfect line, leaving the perfect trace: that feeling of adventure and freedom is what drives us to the outdoors.

And if we want to keep exploring, we need to make sure we keep coming home.


On a day out in the snow, avalanches are typically our biggest concern, and rightfully so. Slab avalanches represent 90% of all fatal avalanches and are typically triggered by the skiers themselves.

A slab avalanche is a plate of snow that slides on top of the snowpack, triggered by a ‘weak layer’ below. The weight of a skier can be enough to fracture a weak layer, and if the slope angle is right, this can trigger an avalanche.

The good news is that we have developed a device capable of detecting weak snow layers and helping backcountry skiers stay safe.




Freedom and confidence exploring the backcountry

sknow is a revolutionary technology that reads the snow layers directly under your ski, in real-time, giving you the freedom and confidence to explore the backcountry with peace of mind.


empowered freedom

What we are after when we go backcountry skiing is the feeling of freedom. Chose a mountain, pick a face, make your trace.  Yet that feeling is always a bit overshadowed by one major risk: the risk of an avalanche.

sknow gives you the information you need to make informed and empowered decisions. Less insecure, more responsible.


second intuition 


Sknow is the perfect partner for decision-making when you are skiing in avalanche terrain.

The light and removable device attaches to your ski in front of the binding and detects avalanche-prone weak snow layers under your feet. A LED light around the device alerts you when weak snow layers are present. Sknow also measures the slope angle, another critical factor in avalanche risk.

Sknow is easy to use. Just charge it before you head out, plug it on to the ski and start your tour.


shared knowledge 


During each of your trips, sknow gathers data about the conditions and displays it on a continuously updated map. By sharing your data, you are contributing to increased avalanche risk awareness for the whole community.  

This way you are better informed to plan your next adventure!


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